A Tipple and a Treat for Purim

Tami Weiser

A Tipple and a Treat for Purim

Does it surprise you to learn that I love Purim? When else does the Bible tell us to feast and make merry (by drinking enough to not be able to tell the difference between the good guy and bad guy in the story)? As a quick reminder of the plot, Esther was the beautiful Jewish girl who won the heart of the king, her cousin was the brave man who saved the king’s life, and Haman was the evil vizier who hated Mordecai and wanted to kill the Jews. Since the story is found in The Book of Esther, I think you can guess who saved whom. So we celebrate. I’ve actually read somewhere that some Americans refer to Purim as “the Jewish Mardi Gras.”

I like to cook, but I also like to create new cocktails, and Purim gives me a great excuse to do both. This year, I’m craving the freshness and flavors of spring—and nothing says that better than lemon and mint. So I’m making my favorite yeast dough hamantaschen with lemon-poppy filling; for my cocktail, it’ll be a martini mellowed by a little cream of coconut and a touch of fresh mint.

Chag sameach, y’all!

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