A Bevy of Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Desserts

Tami Weiser

A Bevy of Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Desserts

The days around Thanksgiving can be more than a little chaotic, even for mad planners like me. Desserts, my favorite part of the meal, can easily turn into an afterthought or even grabbed from the back of a grocery store shelf at the last minute. Thanksgiving desserts are worth the time and effort, and many can be made days in advance, freeing up oven space on the Big Eatin' Day.

Many baked goods are better the day they are baked, it's true, but the ones listed here are sturdy enough to last a day (or two or three). A word of caution, however: please don't refrigerate them (except cheesecakes, of course!). Breads and cakes actually get stale faster in the fridge. Baked apples and poached pears and such, of course, should be stored in covered containers and refrigerated, too.

Here are a few of my favorite make-ahead Thanksgiving dessert recipes. My favorite this year is a creamy and sumptuous pumpkin cheesecake (find it at TheKitchn.com!) that needs to be made ahead. Oh, I do love serving cheesecakes!

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