Blackberry Tarragon Sorbet

Recipe and photo by Tami Ganeles Weiser Yield:  8 servings (about 1 quart total)
Prep Time:  5 minutes Chilling and Freezing Time:  8 hours Cook Time:  30 minutes

Blackberry Tarragon Sorbet

This is a frosty treat that is both refreshing and elegant; the tarragon adds a soupçon of something different. Perfect after a hearty meal or as a cooling dessert on a hot day. Feel free to adjust the amount of tarragon you use, according to your taste. But try tasting a crushed leaf first to determine how strong or weak your herbs are. The intensity really does vary, bunch by bunch.


7 cups fresh or frozen blackberries

½ cup water or unsweetened blackberry or blueberry juice

Juice and zest of 2 lemons, preferably Meyer lemons

⅔ cup granulated sugar

8 large tarragon sprigs


  1. Combine the blackberries, water, lemon juice and zest, sugar, and tarragon in a large saucepan set over medium heat. Stir gently and let the mixture to come to a gentle boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer. Cook for 30 minutes, or until the sugar is completely dissolved, the tarragon is wilted and dark, and the fruit has collapsed completely. Stir and let stand off the burner for 15 minutes.
  2. Set a fine-mesh strainer over a bowl. When the mixture has cooled, strain it through a fine-mesh strainer, pressing the fruit and rubbing it against the strainer. Discard the seeds, excess pulp and tarragon. Pour the liquid into a container, cover and refrigerate for at least 8 hours, or until completely chilled.
  3. Place the chilled mixture into an ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the spun mixture into a container, cover, and freeze until solid. Serve chilled!

Kitchen Tips

The sorbet will keep in the freezer for about 3 weeks.


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