Celery and Ginger Recovery Tea

Recipe and photo by Tami Ganeles Weiser Yield:  2 one-cup servings (2 cups total)
Prep Time:  10 minutes Cook Time:  45 minutes

Celery and Ginger Recovery Tea

This simple tea is just a little hot and just a little sweet, and it’s all softened with the mild flavor of celery. It’s a great way to use up those inner stalk and leaves.


½ cup celery leaves or inside stalks (the very pale, soft ones), roughly chopped

1½-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and roughly chopped

1½ tablespoons honey

2½ cups water


  1. In a medium-sized saucepan, combine the celery, ginger, honey, and water. Bring to a boil, then turn off the heat, keeping the pan on the burner, and allow the mixture to steep for 30 to 45 minutes.
  2. Strain into a container and discard the solids. If you want to serve immediately, reheat as desired. Or strain into an airtight container, cover, and refrigerate until ready to serve. To serve, reheat and enjoy.

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