Sugar Cane and Lime Martini

Yield:  2 drinks
Prep Time:  5 minutes Cook Time:  0 minutes

Sugar Cane and Lime Martini

Add a little taste of the tropics to your cocktail hour with this lip-smackingly delicious variation on the classic martini.



Zest of 1 lime, cut in thin strips

Turbinado sugar (Sugar in the Raw)



6 ounces gin, Tanqueray or Bombay preferred

½ ounce cane syrup

juice of 2 limes

2 oversized square (king) ice cubes (see Kitchen Tip)

1 cup ice



2 sugar cane sticks, optional (see Kitchen Tip)

2 lime wedges



  1. Prepare the glasses: Rub the rims of 2 martini glasses  liberally with the strips of lime zest, saving 2 pieces to garnish the glass. Pour the sugar into a shallow bowl. Dip the rims of the martini glasses into the turbinado sugar and set aside.
  2. Pour the gin, cane syrup, and lime juice into a shaker and stir well, until thoroughly blended. Place 1 king ice cube into each glass. Add 1 cup ice to the shaker, cover, shake well, and with a fine-mesh strainer, strain into the prepared martini glasses. Garnish each glass with a sugar cane stick, a strip of lime zest and a lime wedge and serve immediately.

Kitchen Tips

  1. If you don’t have an oversized square (king cube) ice tray, use 2 square ice cubes per serving.
  2. Sugar cane swizzle sticks are made from sugar cane that has been cut and trimmed to the size of a cocktail stirrer/garnish. Though inedible if eaten whole, they are naturally sweet, and you can suck on them or chew them to taste the cane sugar. They are popular in warm climates around the globe and used in many ways—from skewers in Vietnam to chewy candies for children in New Orleans and the Caribbean. Easy to find online, they are also available at Asian groceries.

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