Rock the Dessert for Passover

Tami Weiser

Rock the Dessert for Passover

Passover is usually a hectic time for cooks, and when you throw in varying dietary needs and lifestyles, what suffers so often is desserts. For most hosts, dessert is simply something you just pick up from the store. You can make do with canned macaroons and plethora of chocolates, you say to yourself.

I think otherwise. I like desserts. In my house everyone who has drifted away from the table will gather together again for the array of desserts I like to serve—as if I rang a Pavlovian dinner bell. Yes, my spread includes silly amounts of chocolate candies, but you’ll also find a cake, an ice cream—something homemade is always on the table.

Here’s a bunch of recipes for dessert, all Passover friendly, that will make your dessert display as delicious as your meal, worthy of being shared with family, friends and guests.

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate and Almond Layer Cake

Photo credits, clockwise starting from the left: Lauren Volo; Tami Weiser; Quentin Bacon.  

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