Spice Mixes: Spicing Up the Everyday with Ease

Tami Weiser

Spice Mixes: Spicing Up the Everyday with Ease

Spice mixes have many roles in my kitchen. The number one thing they do is make weeknight and everyday cooking bolder, in the fastest and easiest way. Yes, spice mixes in my cabinet are usually homemade, and goodness knows, they traverse the globe, but it’s the ease they offer that makes them so handy.

I cater many days a week, and cooking for my family often flies out the window on those days. Now that my elderly mom is living with us and I am eating healthy, I have to make sure that I have nutritious, protein-rich food on hand all the time. My mom is a NOLA native (that’s New Orleans, Louisiana for the uninitiated), so spices are her fave, and we all love bold flavors. That often translates into some chicken with a rub, fish with a sprinkle, or tofu with a pat of a spice mix.

Here are my top five spices mixes of the moment:


Memphis-Style Spice Rub

Herbes de Provence

Fennel Spice Mix

Ras al Hanout, Savory

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