Spring Is in the Air

Tami Weiser

Spring Is in the Air

Despite the temperature and the huge mountains of dirty, gray snow that can be found hulking on all the streets around here in the Northeast, spring is in the air. How can I tell? For one thing, it gets dark later every night. And for another thing...well, that’s it for now.

But that light is enough to buoy me through this final (I hope!) blast of cold, wintry air. Do you feel it, too? A little lightening of the heart, just when we need it most…?

I am ready to put away the heavy winter stews in favor of the freshness of spring dishes. Of course, that’s a little hard to do around here, because everything is buried under mounds of snow. But leafy greens await at our grocery store, and a handful of those stirred into a pot of creamy rice might just be enough to lift my spirits. And that will have to do.

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