St. Patrick’s Day for Everyone

Tami Weiser

St. Patrick’s Day for Everyone

It seems to me that this year, St. Patrick’s Day holds more hope and meaning than ever before.

Even though it has always been a celebration of Irish American heritage, it has always seemed like a very inclusive holiday. Everyone was invited to be Irish for the day, and we happily accepted that invitation. We eagerly partook of corned beef and cabbage, drank green beer, and even enjoyed green bagels (a fusion food if ever there was one) without much thought.

But this year I am thinking about it. The fact that this holiday was started by a bunch of immigrants who wanted to celebrate—and share—the traditions and foods of their native lands has taken on added meaning, at least for me. It’s made me proud to be a daughter (well, great- granddaughter, but you get the idea) of immigrants.

I’m happy to do my part by offering up my own “fusion” (read “Irish-inspired”) recipes. These make great lunch or dinner dishes on St. Paddy’s Day. Or any day, for that matter. And it is fitting, I think, that they are all heavy on the vegetables. Go Green!

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